About XAmplified

XAmplified is a multi-faceted platform,that’s primarily aimed to fulfill the appetite of all those wanderers,seeking an “Easy-to-digest Information Resource” all around the web. At the same time,it goes full stretch to propose a platform for all those intellectuals who carry ‘Rich brains’ and also possess an attitude of broadcasting their knowledge to countless folks all over.

What to Expect…

  • Loads of information on varied domains of knowledge
  • Intellectuals, sharing their hard-earned expertise

What NOT to Expect…

  • Complex/Complicated stuff
  • Cluttered and Sophisticated information

Our Strength

As our endeavour is to build an ever growing “Easy-to-digest Information Resource” on the web, we rely on all those people, who specialize in a particular area of expertise and feel proud in enriching the web with their share of expertise.

But as one has to choose a starting point to go all the way ahead,we at XAmplified, decided to start producing Community powered “Digestible” bubbles of knowledge to help simplifying conventional and relatively complex study areas such as Physics, Chemistry, Electronics and similar other domains.In future,we expect to expand our reach to far broader domains, both latest and conventional.

Anybody, who contributes his/her knowledge towards XAmplified, not only builds an effective medium to broadcast his/her expertise but also builds an associated reputation with it. The overall system has been built up in such a way that the grading of contributing individuals, segregates the ‘Potential contributors’ from the rest of the crowd. And we leave no chance of acknowledging our ‘Editors’ for the efforts they make.

As we are just initiating our efforts in making web a bit more “digestible” in terms of information consumption, we are glad to have a ‘Small but Enthusiastic’ bunch of intellectuals, who helped XAmplified take off this Crowd-fueled Journey.

And we feel obliged to showcase some of those passionate minds, who potentially invested their time and efforts in XAmplified to set up the platform this far.